Governor Calvo Signs 5 Bills Into Law, Including Bill to Restore and Expand Old Legislature


Guam – Adelup has annoucned that Governor Calvo has signed the follwoing 5 bills into law:


1. New Law Allows GPD to Purchase New Vehicles
Bill 122-32, now P.L. 32-065, appropriates $400,000 of escheated funds to the Guam Police Department to purchase brand new, marked vehicles. An average police car costs GPD approximately $35,000 to $40,000 per vehicle. This appropriation will allow GPD to increase their vehicle fleet by as much as ten new vehicles.

2. Funding for SSHS Renovation and Other Education Facilities

Bill 63-32, now P.L. 32-063, appropriates $7 million for the renovation of Simon Sanchez High School and other Department of Education facilities. This $7 million is appropriated from funds the Legislature projects will be collected due to the increase of tax collections following the revaluation of property taxes (explained below via the passage of another new law, P.L. 32-066).

3. Security Over Your Government’s Network of Information

Bill 121-32, now P.L. 32-064, appropriates $700,000 of escheated funds to the Department of Administration to acquire software, migration, fiber connection security, and other necessary upgrades to support GovGuam’s network.

4. Real Property Revaluation

Bill 124-32, now P.L. 32-066, appropriates $1,400,00 of escheated funds to DRT to fund the real property revaluation process. This will update property assessments for the first time in 20 years.

5.Restoration of the Historic Guam Legislature Building
Bill 155-32, now P.L. 32-067, accepts and approves the terms and conditions between the Bank of Guam, the Legislature, and the Guam Economic Development Agency to finance the restoration, modernization, and refurbishment of the Historic Guam Legislature Building.