Governor Calvo Signs Sexual Predator Prevention Act, F.Q. Sanchez Bill and Several Other Bills Into Law


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo signed several bills into law today including Senator Tina Muna Barnes’s bill 46 which would ensure that personal information like home phone numbers and home addresses of public employees and officials is not released to the public.

The governor also signed Senator Brant McCreadie’s sexual predator prevention act or bill 6 into law. It increases the penalties for those convicted of crimes of a sexual nature.

Senator Tommy Morrison’s bill 4 was signed into law as well creating the office of technology within the government of Guam and his bill number five was signed into law giving the former F.Q. Sanchez elementary school to the office of the Umatac mayor.


“Tom I wanna thank you for introducing the bill and your colleagues and governor I want to thank you for passing the bill for our people of Umatac and we’re very proud and happy to have our school back to us the people of Umatac and I thank you for signing that bill,” said Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata.

Senator Brant McCreadie also announced during the bill signing ceremony that his office will be doing an educational campaign to the island’s schools to inform people about the consequences and jail time for those who commit sexual crimes.