VIDEO: Won Pat, Respicio Critical of Governor’s Speech


Guam – After hearing Governor Calvo’s Wednesday Speech before the Guam Chamber, Speaker Judi Won Pat said she thinks both the Governor and the military are missing the point.


Even if the Governor “gets it in writing” from DOD that they will allow 24/7 access to the ancient Pagat village, Won Pat said “It may not be Pagat village it may not be the ground where our ancestors are at but it’s the grounds of the Rt. 15 and by doing that then in essence they are going to be disturbing the site where our ancestors live so I’d like to ask this question of the people of the United States would they put a firing range right next to the Arlington cemetary,” said Wonpat.

The Crux of Governor Calvo’s speech was that the people of Guam are struggling financially and that everyone on Guam wants the same thing, namely for the island and it’s residents to prosper. And the Governor believes that can be accomplished through the military buildup.

The speaker admits that the buildup will give some money to Guam but she’s just not convinced that it will be enough. “Some of the GRT’s if they do file on Guam, some of the local people who may get jobs maybe about 200 hundred of them,” said Won Pat.

And the Speaker said that she doesn’t buy the idea that the buildup will help the poor. “He said I want you to know the people of Guam that I’m not gonna turn my back on 15 billion dollars so therefore in essence it’s like I’m gonna go ahead and sell Guam then for 15 billion dollars and we all know that 15 billion dollars is not going to come to Guam those are going to go to off-island contractors.”

Meanwhile, Senator Rory Respicio also said he doubts the $15 billion dollar figure would be felt by many. “A lot of this buildup money that is being tossed around is not to benefit the local businesses but these are contractors from off-island,” said Senator Respicio.

And Respicio declared that he thinks that it is “unfortunate that it’s the buildup at all costs and that it’s contrary to his own promises that Pagat is not for sale and he said it over and over Pagat is not for sale but obviously it is for sale for 15 billion dollars.”

Respicio says they are airing last weeks meeting between the legislature and Navy Undersecretary Robert work in order to show the contrast between what the administration thinks of the buildup and what the legislature thinks. “We’re hoping that the community would tune in tonight right immediately following the news PNC news coverage and that will be on channel 13 from 9-7 p.m.”