Governor Calvo Thanks Mayors for Supporting Buildup


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has issued a statement thanking the Mayors for their decision  to unanimously pass a resolution in support of Congresswoman Bordallo’s H.R. 4402.


The measure allows for the Navy to place a “Surface Danger Zone” over a portion of the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge for a proposed firing range complex that is proposed for Andersen’s Northwest Field.

READ the Governor’s statement below: 

I want to thank the mayors and vice mayors for taking a definite and affirmative stance on the military buildup.

This morning they sent a resolution to Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo noting their support of her initiatives that move the buildup forward.

That’s exactly what’s needed now, a united front on our support of the buildup. We patiently await the Legislature’s resolution of support as well.

Now, the island’s Congresswoman, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Mayors and Vice Mayors stand united on the following points:

1.     That the buildup is good for America and good for Guam.

2.     That the Four Pillars of the buildup are good for Guam and the future of our island.

3.     That the choice of Northwest Field as the preferred option for the firing range is an indication of DOD’s commitment to the Four Pillars, particularly the one promising to return some federal land. Northwest Field already is a federal government property, meaning the military will not need to acquire it from GovGuam or private landowners. This is in contrast to other areas once considered for the firing range, which would have meant acquiring either GovGuam or private land. I repeat my commitment to sit at the negotiating table with federal officials to consider the return of land to ancestral land owners, or some other form of justice. And my commitment considers ancestral lands throughout our island.

4.     The military also won’t need to acquire the Surface Danger Zone, which is near Northwest Field. The SDZ is the area where there is a 1 in 560,000,000,000 chance of a bullet escaping; this is NOT an area where explosives will go off, habitat destroyed, or land desecrated. Even this area will not require federal acquisition; it is currently owned by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, another federal agency.

5.     The military will adhere to the stringent National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. Following this process ensures the protection of critical habitat and sustainability of natural resources.