Governor Calvo Toasts to the Imagine Guam Initiative


Last Night Creative minds came together in a meeting to envision and implement ideas that plan to enhance the island’s community development by 2065.  



Power 98’s own Kyle Mandapat joined in on the toast with Governor Calvo as a member of the Imagine Guam strategic initiative. It originally started as an economic strategic plan when Governor Calvo was first a Senator.  However, he further developed Imagine Guam to focus on topics beyond the economy.   The group is comprised of a variety of experts ranging from arts to business. Governor Calvo spoke about how the plan is all about coming together to develop the island into a dream turned reality. 

“It’s all about coming all together and focusing on what we’d like (and I would  believe) [as an] idealistic version of where we’d like to go.  Again, we’re not living in Heaven. But if we really think hard, and idealize where we would like to see this community in 50 years, then you know what, maybe in 50 years whatever we come together here and whatever dreams that we think about for the future, maybe even 50 percent of what is realized in our imagination for guam in 50 years, will be a heaven on earth.”

The Governor invites any resident who wants to participate in any of these teams to come forward and join. Interested participants can email