Governor Calvo vetoes signage enforcement and primary election date bills


Governor Calvo has vetoed a bill that hoped to increase the enforcement of Guam’s sign laws and another measure that would’ve moved up the date of the primary election.

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has vetoed two bills passed during the last legislative session namely Senator Frank Aguon Jr.’s bill 116 which sought to increase the enforcement of the current signage laws, and Senator Mary Torres’ bill 156 which would’ve moved up the date of the primary election.

In his veto letter for bill 116 the Governor writes that the bill was intended to allow the Attorney General to prosecute violators of Guam’s sign laws. However, he writes that the A.G. is already authorized to prosecute such cases. The Governor further writes that “bill 116 is duplicative of existing Guam law and the Organic Act, it is redundant, ineffective and wasteful.”

In his veto letter for bill 156 the Governor writes that there are conflicting deadlines for filing papers with the Guam Election Commission. The bill allows candidates to file nominating petitions 160 days prior to an election and nominating papers 130 days prior to an election. However, the Governor writes that existing Guam law does not differentiate between nominating petitions and nominating papers which means they are the same thing. He writes that “Because bill 156 is internally inconsistent with itself and causes confusion, I am vetoing it.”