Governor Camacho: Buildup “Implementation Phase Approaching.”


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho is neither welcoming or criticising the signing of the Record of Decision, instead he is urging continued vigilance to ensure that Guam’s people are resources are protected.

In response to the ROD’s signing the Governor released the following statement:

“I’ve spoken with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalynne Pfannensteil who has assured me that the details of the ROD will be available tomorrow on the Federal Registry.”

“We were told from the very beginning that this buildup will be mutually beneficial and we will continue to make sure that is the case.”

“The release of the ROD indicates where we are in this complex and often arduous planning process. Over the past four years in light of buildup, we’ve committed the time and talent of our hard working government employees to protect and preserve what’s important to our people.”

“While the past several years have been focused on planning for the buildup, the implementation phase is approaching. As my term comes to an end, our administration will be ever vigilant and continue to focus on protecting our people and resources.”