Governor Camacho Signs GovGuam Healthcare Insurance Contracts


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho today signed the final contracts that finalized the renewal and implementation of the Government of Guam Healthcare Insurance Program for Fiscal Year 2011. The signing of the contract ends a six month negotiation process that began with solicitations of proposals to the negotiations by an eight-member negotiating team that included a member from the Judiciary of Guam and the Guam Legislature.

“The contract is in compliance with the recently signed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by President Barack Obama and is for the first time done prior to when contract coverage is scheduled to begin,” said Governor Camacho.  “I want to thank the negotiating team, the Department of Administration, the Office of the Attorney General, and consultant Aon Insurance for their due diligence in seeing this contract through from start to finish.”

Preventative services, annual refraction eye exams, routine immunizations and well baby care are just some of the benefits of the 2011 Insurance contract.

Governor Camacho also signed the Fiscal Year 2010 Government of Guam Healthcare Insurance Program contract.  The 2010 contract had been with the Office of the Attorney General and released for final signature with the Fiscal Year 2011 contract.

“My signatures should put to rest the anxieties of the active employees and Gov Guam retirees,” said Governor Camacho.  “The work is still not over as open enrollment has closed and we all must ensure that all those under the program are being served well in the days and year to come.”