Governor Continues Prugraman Salappe Program; Applications Forthcoming


Applications for Prugraman Salappe are expected to be available on March 15th.

According to Edward Birn, Director of the Department of Administration, they will focus mainly on making applications available online on the DOA website, but they plan to speak to village mayors on getting applications out to their offices for those who prefer to apply in person rather than online.

The original program was administered by Public Health and the people who did qualify were unable to qualify for programs such as SNAP because of their income differences.

Since then, the income qualifications have increased and broadened eligibility.

With this program, the $300 will be given in 3 installments of $100 and according to Birn, the income eligibility is expected to be much higher and they will have to follow the treasury guidelines for the ARP Funds to see who can get these monies because it is federal money.

The money given is not a strict voucher that will specifically be given for gas, but can be used for other needs the people may have.