Governor continues to urge use of face masks

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new guidance on the use of face masks.

But Governor Lou Leon Guerrero says not much will change on Guam.

The CDC has issued new guidance that says people can safely go without masks outdoors as long as they avoid crowds.

When at crowded events like concerts, parades, and sporting events, masks should still be used.

Also, masks remain a must when indoors.

The governor told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo that Guam’s mask policy already allows people to go without a mask when outside.

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“You are outside and most people are by themselves or with friends and family members. So there’s already that cohort of families. So yes, there are situations where not wearing your mask is advised. But in terms of if we are doing social gatherings, of course, when you’re eating, you know, remove your mask to eat and drink, but once you are done and now socializing or visiting with friends and family, it is highly required…I would like it to be required..and used…just prevent transmission and again to sustain and contain our low numbers of the COVID virus,” Leon Guerrero said.

As for vaccinations, the governor said the island is close to achieving the goal of her “Path to Half” initiative.

She said the island is closing in on a vaccination rate of 50% and she’s confident the goal can be reached by this Saturday.

She said the recent clusters from the Tsubaki Tower and A-Class Lounge are under control.

Also, COVID hospitalizations are low and those who are in the hospital are stable.

The governor said there’s still no talk of transitioning to PCOR 4 but she’s looking at modifying quarantine and travel policies in anticipation of the tourism industry reopening.

“I am very grateful to the people and would like to continue on with their cooperation and their compliance with the mitigation efforts, and of course to our directives, and so I appreciate all that. And I feel very comfortable that we’re going to reach 80% by July 21st, that’s our Liberate Guam goal. And then we’ll see where we will be in terms of our recovery phase,” the governor said.


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