Governor Intros 2 Pro-Life Bills & Declares 2011 the “Year of The Unborn Child”


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo declared 2011 as “The Year of  The Unborn Child” and introduced his first set of legislative acts as governor Monday.

He announced that he will re-introduce an informed consent bill. The measure requires that doctors provide women who are considering abortion with information regarding the potential physical and psychological impacts of abortion. Another piece of legislation will restrict women from having abortions at a certain gestational age that has been determined as the age at which an unborn child can feel pain. “This is an administration that will fight for the rights of all women as the issues we’ve just indicated over the last couple of weeks but this is an administration that will also fight for the rights of the most vulnerable,” said Governor Calvo.

 Governor Calvo also declared today as “Catholic Daughters of the Americas Day.”