Governor Declares State of Emergency at GMH; Hospital Owes $22 Million


Guam – Guam Governor Felix Camacho has declared that a State of Emergency exists at Guam Memorial Hospital.

The declaration was signed 3 days ago, on Wednesday December 1st. No announcement was made by the Governor”s office about the declaration. Calls to the Governor’s spokespersons were not answered Saturday morning.

GMH Spokesman Connor Murphy explained to PNC news that the Department of Interior required an Emergency Declaration before DOI would allow the island’s only public hospital to re-program $1-million dollars in its FY ’11 Compact Impact funding from capital improvement projects to make payments to vendors.

The total Accounts Payable owed by GMH is $22 million dollars. Murphy said that, to his knowledge, this is the highest level Accounts Payable has ever been.

That $22 million that GMH owes includes past due payments on utility bills and to doctors, as well as vendors.  Of  that total, Murphy said, $14.5 million is owed to vendors.


Murphy also pointed out that typically, when the Governor declares an emergency, that normally would trigger the release of $250-thousand dollars in emergency funds. But, Murphy said, that has not happened.