Governor delays Guam reopening by 2 weeks

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and DPHSS director Art San Agustin during Friday's news conference announcing the delay of Guam's reopening. (PNC video capture)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero this afternoon announced that she is delaying the reopening of Guam by two weeks although Guam has reached the “Path to Half” target of 50 percent vaccination.

As of April 29, 2021, the governor said over 60,000 have already been fully vaccinated.

“Because of all of you, we have reached our goal. While we are proud of our people for doing their part to rebuild a stronger Guam, we must also acknowledge that our goals must reflect the situation before us,” Leon Guerrero said.

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With the recent COVID clusters and the increase in the number of COVID hospitalizations, the governor said her administration is delaying the update of its quarantine protocols for another two weeks.

“We’ll be adjusting them to incorporate the existing vaccination reality taking place in Guam, and in the United States,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added that her decision was based on science and medical advice.

“We cannot rush our recovery, only to undo all the promises we have. As we monitor the situation, our adjusted reopening plan is being vetted by the Department of Public Health and Social Services,” Leon Guerrero said.

The governor said that a big part of the adjusted reopening plan will be proof of vaccination which will be a cornerstone of being able to avoid quarantine.

“This has been the longest public health emergency in recent history, and I know all of us want to return for life before the virus invaded our shores. But we cannot give up, and we must remain vigilant,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added: “If you are eligible, but have yet to get vaccinated, please make an appointment to the people of Guam, thank you for doing your part to keep our islands safe, and we can only reopen safely, if we get vaccinated. So, I highly encourage you to please roll up your sleeves and get vaccinated.”