Governor Elect Calvo Enroute to National Governor’s Conference in Colorado


Guam – Governor-elect Eddie Calvo is on his way to meet with the nation’s incoming governors to discuss solutions to the budget deficits plaguing several States and territories.
The governor-elect is en route to the National Governors Association’s Seminar for New Governors in Colorado Springs. The NGA Center for Best Practices synthesizes innovative ideas to improve state governments and provides these best practices to state leaders to adopt. Best practices on financial management are critical now as most of the States and territories are battling deficits.

“Guam is not alone in its financial troubles,” Governor-elect Calvo said. “One of our most immediate priorities is to fix the government’s financial problems ahead of the economic buildup. As we said in our campaign, we will adopt best practices to retire the debt and provide the services our people need efficiently.”

The event also is an opportunity for the nation’s new governors to build collegial relationships, and to meet national officials. Governor-elect Calvo has an ambitious national agenda, which officially begins in January. The governor-elect will empanel the Guam First Commission, order the adoption of Guam’s agenda in Washington, D.C., then work with Congresswoman Bordallo to fight for that agenda. Part of his agenda includes working toward war reparations, compact impact reconciliation, visa waiver programs and funding for infrastructure upgrades. The NGA is an important conduit through which Guam can build influential relationships.

“We’re strengthening relationships now so we can hit the ground running in January,” Governor-elect Calvo said.