Governor-Elect Calvo Seeks Soultions to GovGuam’s Cash Shortage With DOI’s Babauta


Guam – Gov Guam’s financial hardships will soon become the responsibility  of Governor-Elect Eddie Calvo, which is why Calvo raised the issue of GovGuam’s financial condition during a meeting Monday with Assistant Secretary of the Interior Tony Babauta.

 “There are discussions daily with our transition committee with the administration with regards to the separate agencies and whether it’s in shortfalls or revenues and other issues affecting those agencies,” said Calvo. One way in which the department of interior can help in this regard is through funding. The DOI gives Guam money that is available through various grants and programs as well as compact impact funding. Today’s meeting will likely be the first of many meetings between Babauta and Calvo. In the future Babauta says they can discuss more thoroughly the options available to the governor with regards to DOI funds. “We’ll have more of a discussion of how he can re-prioritize some of the funding that comes from my office just some of the initiatives like our renewable energy initiative we discussed I think he’s gonna continue to support that,” said Babauta.

 While today was just an introductory meeting Calvo says they did get into discussions about some serious issues. “Some of the key areas from me are understanding the financial condition of the government of Guam and with that trying to work with the federal government particular areas where the federal government is moving forward in commitments and funding from the government of Guam whether it’s secondary waste water treatment and whether its in some of the issues going to court as result of actions by the federal government and of course other areas such as the military buildup,” said Calvo.

 With a little over three weeks left until the Calvo/Tenorio team takes the helm of the government of Guam Calvo says his transition team is still working hard to get a good handle of Gov Guam’s financial situation. “Ensuring that again that you can’t spend more than you take in,” he explained. Assistant secretary Babauta also confirmed today that the U.S. congress has made a request to the Government Accountability Office or GAO to conduct and audit of compact impact funds.