Governor-Elect Lou Leon Guerrero rounds out Fiscal Discipline Team

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero will comment on her position regarding the next steps for the government of Guam in light of the 9th Circuit decision favoring Dave Davis in the plebiscite case.

Gum – The Fiscal Discipline Team is here. After campaigning hard to get Guam’s financial house in order, former Bank of Guam President and new Governor-Elect Lou Leon Guerrero has finalized her list of appointees for the local government’s top money management positions.

Upon assuming office, Governor Leon Guerrero will formally transmit the names of her nominees to the 35th Guam Legislature for confirmation. On Monday Leon Guerrero named eight new nominees to her fiscal team after naming the first earlier this month.

The nominees are:

Dafne Shimizu, Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation. Shimizu is currently Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for StayWell Guam Insurance.

Michele Santos, Deputy Director of the Department of Revenue and Taxation. Santos now serves as Assistant Executive Director of the Guam Board of Accountancy.

Edward Birn will stay on as Director of the Department of Administration. He was appointed to DOA last February and will continue in that capacity.

Edith Pangelinan, Deputy Director of the Department of Administration. Pangelinan is currently an Administrator for a private Architectural & Engineering Firm.

Lester Carlson, Director of the Bureau of Budget and Management Research. Carlson is currently Acting Director of BBMR and was previously Deputy Director.

Tyrone Taitano, Director of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans. Taitano has served more than a dozen legislative bodies and is a former cabinet member of the Gutierrez Administration.

Melanie Mendiola, Administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority. Mendiola is now Executive Director of the University of Guam Endowment Fund and co-founder and Director of Farm to Table Guam.

Artemio “Ricky” Hernandez, Deputy Administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority. Hernandez currently serves as the Director of the Office of Finance and Budget at the Guam Legislature.

Earlier this month, the Lou and Josh Transition Team announced that Bertha Duenas would serve as Chief Advisor on Fiscal Discipline & Economic Growth. Duenas now serves in the Legislature’s Office of Finance and Budget.

“From the moment we take office, our priorities will be to conduct a full review of our government’s finances, collect taxes that are rightfully owed to the government and to establish sound fiscal policies that will rescue the financial state of our government,” Governor-Elect Leon Guerrero said.

Lieutenant Governor-Elect Josh Tenorio voiced equal commitment to the task at hand.

“Throughout our campaign, Governor-Elect Leon Guerrero and I committed to prioritizing how government handles taxpayer dollars. I am confident in the team we have entrusted to execute this mandate and we look forward to working with them as we explore new opportunities which lead to new jobs for our people and a more diverse economy,” Tenorio said.

Late Monday afternoon the transition team sent the names of six more nominees. Lillian Posadas as Guam Memorial Hospital Administrator; Linda Unpingco-DeNorcey as Public Health Director, and Lori Duenas as her Deputy; Therese Arriola as Behavioral Health and Wellness Director, and Carissa Pangelinan as her Deputy; and Gerri Mandell as Director of the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities.