Governor falls victim to prank phone call from comedians posing as Ukraine PM


“I’m hopeful you made a lot of money out of North Korea for these defective missiles,” the governor told the prank callers posing as the Ukraine Prime Minister.Guam – Be careful with who you talk to.  Adelup could have heeded that advice sooner, as Russian pranksters posing as the Ukrainian prime minister managed to get past Adelup’s layers of security and speak with Governor Eddie Calvo—who apparently took the bait.

Two known Russian comedians called Vovan and Lexus managed to set up a phone call with Governor Calvo posing as Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

The 8-minute conversation was posted on the pranksters’ YouTube channel Wednesday and in it, the two discuss the missile crisis in North Korea and Ukraine’s involvement.  The comedians tell the governor that they did in fact supply missiles to Pyongyang.

“I would like you to be the first to learn the information that will be conveyed to the President Trump tomorrow,” the prankster says.

“Oh my,” Governor Calvo reacts, “that is unfortunate and again we are hopeful now that maybe the flow of any type of armament to North Korea will be halted.”

The prank callers then reveal the missiles they supplied to Pyongyang are of poor quality.

“I have to assure you that over the last twenty years we have faced challenges in military research and development and a very huge number of parts have been stolen … I’m very familiar with our missiles and rest assured that none of Ukrainian made missiles will reach their targets,” the fake PM says.

“That is very good news,” Calvo responds, “That I’m glad that you’ve been able to be very clear that the technology and capability of these missiles are insufficient for Guam.”

When the fake prime minister tells the governor that the sale of the missiles was a set up in order to rake in cash and that he “duped these Korean folks,” Governor Calvo appears impressed and even grateful.

“What,” the governor says in disbelief.

“I want to thank you so much and please convey my thanks to the president and I’m hopeful you made a lot of money out of North Korea for these defective missiles,” he continues as he laughs. “So thank you so much and please can you convey my, also my thanks to your president.”

The two then talk about tourism and the strengthening of the two nations’ relationship.

“I would love to see Ukrainian tourists in Guam and I would love to have our people of Guam, when it’s too hot in Guam I think we would like to visit the cool weather of Ukraine and maybe when it’s too cool in Ukraine the people of Ukraine would like to visit the warm weather of Guam,” the governor adds.