Governor frustrated over legislature’s inaction on additional powers

The roadblocks went into effect on April 11 at four different locations. They have led to traffic backups and aggravated motorists. (Photo by PNC Chief Photographer Allan Balbin)

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has again expressed her frustration with the Legislature’s inaction on the legislation she requested.

Bill 334-35, which would have given the governor, additional powers to set up roadblocks and impose fines, was sent back to committee on Wednesday.

And Bill 335-35, which was the subject of passionate debate today, will be voted on during Thursday session.

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“At various points throughout this emergency, senators are asking me publicly and privately to execute curfew and clearly enforce the mandates of my executive order. These same senators argued that these extended powers were necessary to save us from uncertain times. Now, some of the same senators say these ideas are excessive, overreach, and wrong,” the governor said.

The Governor called the flip-flop “the equivalent of being tossed a lifeline only to watch bystanders toss away the rope.”