Governor Gives Green Light to Implement Hay Study Pay Adjustments


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho has ordered the Department of Administration (DOA) to move forward with implementing pay adjustments as recommended by the Government-wide Position, Classification, Compensation, and Benefits Study Plan, pursuant to PL 30-196.
The implementation of these adjustments will be retroactive to October 1, 2010 and will affect more than 5,000 classified government employees. According to a presentation by the Department of Administration, classified employees will be transitioned into the new pay structures as recommend by Hay Group Inc. These transitions may result in a pay increase for some employees, while others remain status quo depending on where they fall within the new pay structures and according to the Gubetnamenton Guahan Compensation Policies and Procedures.

“Creating fairness and equity within the government has been a longtime goal of this administration,” said Governor Camacho. “The path is now clear on how to ensure equity and bring our government up to date with the current market. Therefore I ordered all cabinet members as well as DOA to move forward and begin the implementation of the program.”

While the forthcoming adjustments only affect classified employees, officials anticipate the inclusion of all employees once Bill 469-30 is passed by the legislature.

“The government’s pay scale hasn’t been reviewed and adjusted in more than 19 years. The study shows that the market is about 59 percent ahead of our Unified Pay Plan. My decision is merely a step to rectify that for the betterment of our government and our employees,” said Governor Camacho.

According to the latest presentation by DOA, “The foundation of the compensation program is to attract and retain quality employees with competitive total compensation based on relevant labor markets.  The program and its component plans will be based upon principles of fairness and equity and will be administered with sound fiscal discipline.  The compensation program will reinforce a productive work climate, a culture of accountability and create the desire in employees to want to progress in their careers with the government.”


It has been nearly two decades since the Government of Guam (the Government) last undertook a comprehensive classification, job evaluation and compensation study for positions covered by its Unified Pay Plan, as well as elected and appointed positions.

Following a competitive bid process, the Government contracted with Hay Group to conduct a comprehensive study that examined whether the current classification, job evaluation and compensation practices were aligned with the Government’s mission, vision, values and human resources objectives and redesign the job evaluation and pay plans.