Governor: ‘Guam on track to reopen on May 1’

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero during the Earth Month proclamation signing. (PNC screen capture)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said today that Guam is on track to reopen on May 1.

With less than two weeks to go before that target date, the governor said about 44 percent of the island’s population is already fully vaccinated.

The governor has promised to ease restrictions on visitors to Guam by May 1 if 50 percent of the island’s adult population is vaccinated under the administration’s ‘Path to Half’ initiative.

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“We have about, maybe 44% of our population that are eligible, fully vaccinated. We are working very hard to meet the 50% by May 1 and I think we will meet the 50%,” Leon Guerrero said during a news conference after the Earth Month virtual proclamation signing.

She added that other conditions that need to be met include a CAR score that is below 2.5 and COVID-19 hospitalizations of less than 10. The CAR score is currently at 0.3.

“I again want to thank the people of Guam for their cooperation and their compliance with the directives. The plan is still moving forward as we had scheduled it to be,” the governor said.

An islandwide cleanup is scheduled for this Saturday to help prepare Guam for the May reopening target date.