Governor, Guard leadership looking into anonymous letter

Adjutant General Esther Aguigui (PNC file photo)
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First, it was an anonymous letter said to be from employees of the Guam Visitors Bureau complaining about GVB President and CEO Pilar Laguana. Then came two damning but unsigned letters from the guards at the Department of Corrections.

Now, an anonymous letter that purports to be from members of the Guam Guard levels accusations against Maj. Gen. Esther Aguigui, Adjutant General of the Guam National Guard.

“I have referred that letter to the Adjutant General and she has taken it very seriously. And I know that she is meeting with her management staff to address it and to put out strategies as to how they would respond to it,” Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said.

“Over the last 10 months,” states the letter, “the Guam Guard and the Department of Military Affairs have experienced a similar decline in productivity, troop morale, and the manifestation of a hostile working environment. …. We are addressing these issues to you …,” states the letter to the governor, … “because you alone can put an end to this reign of terror.”

The letter cites a recently completed survey conducted by the National Guard’s Office of Complex Investigations which the letter writers said focused on the validity of the governor’s transition report which resulted in Agugui’s appointment as adjutant general.

“We suspect that the OCI report will invalidate the transition team’s report,” states the letter, and “will also identify problems with the current leadership and the hostile working environment they have created.”

Governor Leon Guerrero said: “I wish people would write their names so that we can go directly to them. But I guess they don’t feel comfortable with that. So when I read these letters. I do take them seriously as you have seen with the DOC situation. The same. I have taken the concerns very serious also from the Guard.”

It’s not the first complaint that has been lodged against Aguigui since her appointment at the start of the year. The letter repeats some of the issues that have already been raised, including the appointment of two off-island officers over more qualified local officers.

The letter accused those off-island officers of bullying tactics, abusing their authority and creating division in the ranks.

In response to a request for comment, Guam Guard spokeswoman Maj Josephine Blas issued a statement acknowledging that the Guard received the letter.

“We are working closely with the Governor’s office and a formal response is forthcoming,” Blas stated.

But a formal response has not yet been issued.