Governor hits back at Moylan

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and Sen. James Moylan (PNC composite photo)

Governor Lou Leon Gerrero today hit back at Sen. James Moylan, who has been criticizing the governor’s policy on the RISE Act.

According to the governor, she is on the right track with regard to the RISE Act as written and with the additions that she has made.

With regard to Moyan’s call for the governor to call an emergency session on the RISE Act, the governor said special sessions are for emergencies and she doesn’t consider Moylan’s request as an emergency.

“I’m sorry but I don’t consider his request an emergency. I also don’t feel that his concerns are that serious because he brought up those concerns during the deliberation of the RISE Act in the Legislature and they were not supported by his colleagues,” Leon Guerrero said during her news conference Monday afternoon.

Moylan earlier today requested the governor to convene an emergency session on Bill 75-36 (COR).

With all the concerns that have developed with the initial steps of implementing Public Law 35-136, also known as the Rise Act, Moylan said it is critical that the Legislature prioritize amending the program to assure that the requirements are simplified and no qualified resident is refused the opportunity to avail of the benefits of the program.