Governor hits San Nicolas for missing Liberation commemoration but congressman says he was working

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has criticized Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas for not attending the recent Liberation Day commemorations.

According to the governor, San Nicolas didn’t attend any of the Liberation memorial ceremonies on Guam and the recent wreath-laying ceremony held in Washington over the weekend.

“I know that his office was aware of it,” Leon Guerrero said from Washington DC in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

She added: “To me, I think that’s a great dishonor to our war reparation war survivors. As our congressional delegate, I would expect that he would come and be part of our celebration.”

But the congressman said he was unable to attend the commemorations because he was working as well as attending hearings and meetings that would have significant impacts on Guam.

“On July 21, 22, and 23 your Congressman was working; we had a hearing on Territorial hunger where we testified before the House Rules Committee, a meeting with House Members and the Administration on Afghan relocation, a meeting with regional Army Corps of Engineers on Guam Projects and the Guam Memorial Hospital, a meeting with regional FBI on drugs, crime, and corruption on Guam, and a meeting with the Pacific Commander Admiral Aquilino on relocation readiness and regional threats,” San Nicolas said.

He added: “It is unfortunate that the solemnity of Liberation Day this year is being politicized by the Governor, and we apologize to the people of Guam on her behalf. Your Congressional Office will not partake in politicizing the Liberation of Guam, and we refrain from further comment on the Governor’s remarks.”

The governor countered by saying that on July 22, San Nicolas was on the same Hawaii-bound flight with her and that the commemoration of Liberation Day in the morning of July 21 on Guam would have been nighttime in Washington DC.