Governor hopes for quick resolution of NDAA veto

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has issued a statement on the veto of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), stating she’s hoping for a quick resolution of the veto.

The NDAA includes about $662.8 million in funding for military construction on Guam. It also extends the H-2b labor authorization on Guam to civilian projects.

The governor said the NDAA has become law for 59 consecutive years because leaders from both parties recognize that national defense is not a partisan issue.

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“Whatever the administration’s differences with this version of the NDAA, it is fundamentally good for Guam—investing millions of federal dollars in our economy when we need it most, expanding our labor pool, and giving our service men and women the support they need,” Leon Guerrero said.

Without the measure, the governor said Guam stands to lose critical funding for a new regional Public Health lab and the foreign labor exemption we need for civilian construction projects will disappear.

“Team Guam fought hard for these provisions and we can’t lose them now. We respectfully hope that both parties work to make the NDAA law after Christmas and that its opponents find some other legislative means to fix what they oppose. This is a bill we need to become law,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added: “I will be working with the National Governors Association and our partners at the Department of Defense to demonstrate why the passage of the NDAA is vital to Guam and communities like it.”