Governor: “I don’t like where I see it going”


In her daily video message this morning posted on her FaceBook message Governor Lou Leon Guerrero defended her push for stricter social distancing authority saying – “I don’t like where I see it going.”

Speaking through a face-mask, the Governor cited Sunday’s COVID-19 test results which found 17 more island resident had contracted the disease out of 45 tested and she also expressed concerned about “younger children” getting the virus.

“That tells me we are still doing a lot of social contacts,” said the Governor. “We’re not really following what we should be following, social distancing.”

The Governor reiterated the provisions of her latest Executive Order which prohibits any social gathering in public or private places, and forbids any alcoholic consumption in public places.

It also requires all employees working in essential businesses or GovGuam agencies to wear face-masks. Customers who enter those business or government agencies are also required to wear face masks.

“These directives are crucial to containing this coronavirus,” said the Governor. “I want to continue the hard battle and the hard work because this virus is not going to defeat us.”