Governor: ‘I support the concept of vaccine tourism but give me the plan!’

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero on Friday said she supports the concept of vaccine tourism being proposed by the Guam Visitors Bureau.

However, the governor said she can’t give “her blessing” to the project because GVB still has to make a presentation to her of the detailed plan and budget for vaccine tourism.

Under GVB’s vaccine tourism plan, Guam will be marketed as a “vaccination destination” for American expatriates living and working in the Asia-Pacific because Guam is one of only a few places in the region with enough FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines.

The governor said she has already asked a group of people, including GVB officials, to work together to present a proposal regarding allowing US expatriates to come to Guam to be vaccinated.

“They have met. There’s been discussions. But they have not yet made a proposal to me, they have not made a presentation to me. So I don’t know exactly what their program involves,” Leon Guerrero said:

She added: “But in concept, I do agree that we should be able to provide that opportunity for the American expats to come to Guam and be vaccinated.”

The governor reiterated, however, that the local people should be prioritized in using Guam’s vaccine supply.

“We’ve had discussions with General Perna and he sees no issues with it, if they are US citizens. And if we proceed with it, and we see that there is an increased demand for supply, the general is more than willing to discuss the possibility of increased supply,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added: “But I can’t really give the project my blessing because I don’t know what I’m blessing. I have to see the proposal first, I have to see the budget. But in concept, I do agree. I supported. I was the one that asked them to come and develop a plan and a program for me to look at and to review.”