Governor identifies $1.5M for immediate repairs at GDOE


According to the Superintendent, the money would be used for short term repairs desperately needed at GDOE. 

Guam – It appears Governor Eddie Calvo has found the much-needed funds to repair Simon Sanchez High School.

“Well it’s good news for Simon Sanchez High School, as long as we confirm the resources that have been offered. As long as we confirm the resources, we can take that and get going on the repairs of the temporary classrooms that will go a long way in making sure we don’t have to go into double session,” he said.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez wrote to the governor last week following two weeks of informational hearings at the Guam legislature.

“The thought process behind the letter was that basically when we had gone behind the legislature, I know that the legislature was interested in whether we had sought support and assistance from Adelup as well. And I know that they were kinda critical that we hadn’t gone to the Governor and so what we did is we had gone to Adelup and we had setup a meeting to discuss our needs,” the Superintendent explained.  

The funds would not only fix the immediate needs of the dilapidated campus, but other pressing issues plaguing other campuses.

“I basically told them here’s what we need for Simon Sanchez, and they asked if we could go ahead and put that in writing. That way, if there was anything that we needed, they could see what they could do. So, I threw as well, in addition to SSHS, I’d like to see some assistance to other secondary schools. Because, by that time, we had gone out to visit a few more schools and wanted to make sure we didn’t lose sight of the fact that our other big schools needed some assistance too,” he said.

The additional funding would help repair immediate woes like the fence line at Agueda, Benavente, and Oceanview Middle School as well the air conditioning at Southern High.

It will even assess and address already condemned buildings for deemed for demolition or structural assessment. Overall, the Governor has identified $1.5 million dollars needed for summer repairs. And if all goes as planned, the students of Simon Sanchez High School would not have to go into double session this fall.

“We were told that we needed to do our due diligence in being able to go both branches of government. So, we went to the legislature and we spent a couple of weeks there answering a lot of questions. Also, we went to the governor to try to get his assistance and we’re glad to see that assistance has been provided from the Governor’s office and we’ll go from there,” he said.