Governor Names GMH Advisory Team


The five members of the GMH Advisory team are all members of the governor’s cabinet. 

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo is taking the next step to rescuing the cash-strapped Guam Memorial Hospital. He impaneled an advisory team over to the hospital.


The governor announced the team is made up of five individuals from the government sector. They are the governor’s Chief Fiscal Adviser, Bernie Artero; the Director for the Bureau of Statistics and Plans Wil Castro; Rev and Tax Deputy Director Marie Benito; Deputy Director for BBMR Lester Carlson; and finally, the governor’s Chief Information Officer Frank Lujan.

The governor invoked his Organic Authority last week and issued an executive order to create the advisory team.

He also is taking over the GMH board of trustees after three top board members suddenly resigned, leaving the board without a quorum.