Governor nervous about Thanksgiving COVID

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero is worried that increased in-person contact this coming Thanksgiving holiday might result in more COVID-19 positive cases.

Earlier, the governor said she would lift some restrictions in time for the holiday if the number of COVID cases goes down.

But in her talk during the Rotary Club of Guam luncheon meeting today, the governor said she knows that a number of people are not going to wear their masks and some are not going to limit the number of people in their homes.

“I’m actually very nervous about even saying Thanksgiving because I know people are not going to comply. Most of these positive tests that we’re seeing and positive spread are from social gatherings. It’s people not complying with the social distancing and not complying with wearing masks, and not washing their hands and so forth,” Leon Guerrero said.

The governor continues to urge residents to abide by the COVID restrictions, saying there are signs that the number of community spread is going down and that the surge we’re seeing now is mainly from the surge in positives found among the workers of two construction companies.

In the mainland, the governor said some states are doing Thanksgiving, but only for their immediate household, and only at a fixed number of six.

“Some states are saying you could do three households or two households, but each household only has to be six. But really, how do you monitor that? You know we’re seeing numbers out of Canada that did their Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and now they’re again seeing a rapid surge of positive cases. So it’s a very difficult situation,” Leon Guerrero said.

She said some people are telling her, ‘don’t do Thanksgiving,’ while others are saying open it all up and do Thanksgiving.

“But I want to see what our numbers are this week and over the weekend. We know how we like to be with our families and be with them during Thanksgiving. But we also need to remember that if we could just be a little bit more patient … you know, not social gather, not congregate, so we can enjoy Christmas,” the governor said.

She added: “If our CAR score goes down to five and remains below five for two weeks, then, you know, I feel more comfortable that we can enjoy the holidays. I don’t think we’re gonna make it for Thanksgiving. I am waiting for guidelines from CDC about Thanksgiving.”