Governor: No fed money yet, Guam now 30% vaccinated, and no issues at CLTC

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero talks with reporters after a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning. (PNC photo by Isaiah Aguon)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero gave updates and her views on some issues during a talk with reporters after the groundbreaking of the Lighthouse Recovery Center for Women this morning.

On the $661 million allotted to GovGuam under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the governor said Adelup has not received the funds yet and she believes none of the other states have gotten their share too.

On her administration’s “Path to Half” initiative, the governor said Guam is well on its way to reaching Adelup’s target.

“Right now, we are 30 percent vaccinated which is great … so we are on track to make the deadline or even before,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added that they will be marketing Guam by saying our island is safe.

“The CDC and the World Health Organization know that Guam is doing a fantastic job in protecting our island and protecting our people. So we are marketing Guam as a safe destination,” Leon Guerrero said.

Finally, on the issue of CLTC Director Jack Hattig III, the governor said: “I’m not up to speed with the issue. I do know that the board has asked the chair to talk to the employees. I do not think he gave them a report yet because they did not have a quorum during their last meeting. I am confident that Jack did not intentionally mean anything contrary to the law and regulations of the commission.”

She added: “We are transparent and accountable to the people. We are transparent with reports, meetings, and minutes … as far as I am concerned, we are following everything that we are required to do.”