Governor nominates Alberto Tolentino to Superior Court

Alberto Tolentino, center, with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero at right, and Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio. (Photo courtesy of Governor's Office)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has nominated former prosecutor Alberto Tolentino to the Superior Court of Guam.

Tolentino replaces Judge Anita Sukola who has just announced her retirement.

In nominating Tolentino, the governor said she was very impressed with the answers that he gave to her questions.

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“One of the questions I asked was, why do you want to be a judge? And he replied to me … I don’t know if you remember this, but I do so vividly governor … I just want to help our people of Guam, and he feels that he can do this role in the position of the judge who will be fair because his temperament is even and he will also be able to review the facts in front of him in order to make very good decisions,” the governor said.

For his part, Tolentino thanked the governor for the honor and privilege of allowing him to continue his service to the people of Guam in the third branch of government.

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“One of the things that I really held close to me was the ability to be able to be of service and help other people in my career in the court. Governor Leon Guerrero has given me that opportunity to do that and fill that role once again. And I’ll be forever grateful to her and Lt. Gov. Tenorio for that opportunity. Should the legislature act favorably with the nomination, I hope to be able to step into the court as soon as possible and help the third branch of government to be of service to people,” Tolentino said.

The governor also thanked outgoing judge Sukola for her many years of excellent and professional service.