Governor not planning any more restrictions despite online rumors

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero says she’s feeling slightly hopeful with recent COVID numbers and currently not planning any more restrictions despite online rumors.

In her interview on NewsTalk K57, the Governor again quashed rumors of further restrictions coming to the island which spammed WhatsApp chats and social media all over the island yesterday.

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“I am not imposing a lockdown this Friday. I am not mandating vaccination to be taken, we don’t have any vaccinations. I’m not fining people $2000…we have rules and regulations and our enforcement policies that we’re ready to roll out,” the governor said.

The Governor is pleading with the public to only share trusted and verified information from official sources since gossip only causes harm.

“It’s not good for our community, it creates more anxiety, creates more uncertainty,” the governor said.

She does, however, say that her teams are tracking new case data on a day to day basis.

“We are seeing our community spread slowly declining. So the need for a lockdown – I hate that word – but the need for more restrictions…at this point, what we have, we feel, is still a very stringent and still very hard control,” the governor said.

She added: “We are still in PCOR 1. Not everything here on Guam is open…dine-in restaurants and bars are still closed. What we are doing and what I am doing, is just watching the numbers very very closely and acting accordingly.”

She says the new cases seem to indicate cluster growth and far lower community spread.

“Most of that, I would say 90% of that, is from clusters from the construction industry. So we closed construction sites and we are working very closely with the contractors, we’re working very closely with the construction companies. We are testing them and we’re making sure they’re isolated from the community, not just for the protection of the community but also for the protection of themselves,” the governor said.

She added: “We can better control it…which we are doing…and we’ll start seeing the numbers go down and we’re already seeing it. We went from a 43 CAR Score to now yesterday, around 22.5 in a matter of a few days.”

While optimistic, the Governor says the community still needs to do their part, stressing that if residents buckled down for 2 weeks — staying home, distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks — she’s confident we can start to be over the hump.

Which, of course, would be over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Leon Guerrero says they’re still finalizing their Turkey Day directives.

“We are reviewing the CDC guidelines of Thanksgiving. Some states — I just got off the National Governor Association meeting — and some states are saying, just stay home and your own household of 6…some are saying maybe just two households [can get together]. We continue to say that social gatherings are a limit of 5 people. We have never lifted that restriction,” the governor said.

She expects the directives will be finalized by late this week or early next week.