Governor OKs nursing salary hike; nurses to get 15% base pay increase

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero announced this afternoon a pay increase for nurses. (PNC screen capture)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has approved a salary increase for nurses as recommended by the Department of Administration.

Initially, across the board, the base salary of nurses, is going to be increased by 15%.

For the Guam Memorial Hospital and Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center nurses, in addition to the 15% increase, they will also get a 25% differential.

For the Department of Public Health and Social Services nurses, they will get an additional 15% differential on top of the 15% across the board increase.

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And for the Guam Department of Education school nurses, there would be a 10% differential in addition to their 15% across the board increase.

“We want to start off with this, and then do more studies later. I also want to emphasize that the nurse managers are also going to be given some adjustment,” Leon Guerrero said during the virtual ceremony announcing the nursing pay increases.

The governor added: “The nurses have always been there with us, taking care of us during the pandemic so this pay adjustment is justified.

Senator Mary Camacho Torres, Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes, and Senator Amanda L. Shelton, who helped in getting the nursing pay increase, also released these statements following Governor Leon Guerrero’s signing to increase nurse pay this afternoon.

Senator Mary Camacho Torres said: “Today is proof that government can put politics aside for the good of our People. For too long, Guam nurses served at rates far below the national average. Bill 61 aimed to set the floor for a permanent base salary increase, and today the Administration raised that bar. I thank my cosponsors and fellow champions Vice Speaker Tina Muña Barnes and Senator Amanda L. Shelton for their tireless advocacy of our nurses. I applaud Governor Leon Guerrero for working collaboratively to secure a long-overdue Nurse Pay Plan, and I look forward to our continued work together to increase our people’s access to care.

Vice Speaker Tina Muña Barnes said: “The cornerstone of our healthcare rests in the hard work, dedication, and compassion of our nurses. The need for nurses is universal, and this base salary increase is only a token of our appreciation for the work that they do.”

Senator Amanda L. Shelton said: “Raising our standards of quality healthcare ultimately begins with ensuring our front liners are appropriately compensated. This investment in our nurses affirms our commitment to providing safe and effective care for our people.”