AUDIO: Governor on Budget Swap: “We Were Cold Cocked”


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo today [Thursday] said his administration was “cold cocked” by the budget swap made by Democrat lawmakers during Special Session Wednesday, however the Governor said he had not yet decided whether to veto the substituted measure. 

On the K-57 Breakfast Show the Governor said “Its like we worked to a compromise .. and then ‘surpise’  …  I do believe we were cold cocked.”

Governor Calvo disagreed with Senator Respicio saying the 3rd budget he submitted for consideration on Tuesday was not the same budget that was passed by the Legislature which he vetoed last week.


“Senator Respicio says we sent over an identical budget, it wasn’t identical … we took most of the poison pills out … but we didn’t like it.”

However, the Governor said they were willing to go along with the budget portion because he thought his 2 phased $343 million dollar refund bond would be accepted in the spirit of compromise.

“We did it anyway,” said Calvo, “because we thought we were in the spirit of compromise … unfortunately that did not occur.”

On the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning, when asked whether he would veto the substituted budget bill, the Governor was non-committal telling Breakfast Show Host Ray Gibson:  “A budget bill has been passed … it did not have the component that we felt was vital…but they presented a budget bill to us. We’re going to receive it … we’re going to give  it its due examination and if it can satisfy the requirements of operating government over the fiscal year, we’ll sign it. If not I’ll veto it.”