Governor on DC riots: ‘We need to unite in this moment of profound division’

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has issued a statement on the riots in Washington DC, saying the whole nation needs to unite “in this moment of profound division.”

Supporters of President Donald Trump have stormed Capitol Hill as part of an electoral college protest, forcing a lockdown with members of Congress inside.

In her statement, the governor pointed out that our nation’s democracy has survived secession, civil war, and the loss of rights over the division of race.

“Today, our nation experienced another trying moment as a mob attempted to terrorize and prevent the democratic process from moving forward at the US Capitol. The sight of this was disturbing to all of us. But still, the American experiment has persevered. Order and safety is being restored at the Capitol, and the Congress is moving forward to certify the electoral college vote electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next President and Vice President,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added: “As a society, we are united in our love of democracy and our pride in that for more than two centuries, the American experiment has persevered. We had a great example of democracy in action just yesterday as Georgia elected its first African-American Senator.”

At this moment of profound division, the governor said the need to unite as a community and as a nation is more urgent than ever.

“We need to come together and stand strong for the values we all share as people. I, therefore, ask all of you to join me in uniting in support of our democracy and in support of our new President, Joe Biden, as he takes on the monumental task of healing the soul of our nation and uniting us all as Americans. God bless America. God bless Guam,” the governor concluded.

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The Democratic Party of Guam also released a statement encouraging a peaceful transition in America.

“Today Guam residents woke up to watching the violence in Washington, DC protesting the process of the Electoral College to certify the Biden-Harris team for US President and Vice President. Although we hold dearly the right to free speech and to peaceful protest, the violence and disrespect for the Electoral College’s responsibility to certify the results of the election is totally unacceptable. We understand that there have been lives lost due to this senseless act. The behavior we witnessed of the protestors storming the halls of the Capitol and the violent way they carried themselves is not consistent with our Pacific Islander nor our American values,” the Democratic Party of Guam said.

“Even still, this is not a hopeless situation. The love and peace most of us want for America and our world are not lost. Every day we must continue to model respectful behavior and teach our children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers how to discuss and debate differences amicably and that violence can never be the answer! Please join us in prayer for the persons who have been injured and killed in the protest and for the smooth transition of the US Presidency. We hold our hands and hearts together to promote peace and safety for all of our people,” the Democratic Party of Guam added

Senator Telena Cruz Nelson, in a separate statement, also condemned the riots, saying this unprecedented attack on our democracy is unacceptable and “despite the great frustrations we may feel, we must always strive to think of how our actions will affect those around us before we act.”

The senator added: “We cannot control all the events that happen, but we can and must decide not to be reduced by them. Let us accept our individual responsibility for the future and let us pray for God’s wisdom and healing hands over our people.”