Governor: One-third of the population have already been tested for COVID-19

The governorwill continue to monitor the response to the island's gradual reopening, so that further adjustments can be made immediately as needed. (PNC file photo)

As Public Health mobilizes its Rapid Response Team to the north where most of the latest COVID-19 cases are, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero says that winning the war on COVID requires using testing, manpower, and other resources to battle the disease at its source.

In a special address, the governor reported on the progress of the efforts undertaken by the government to fight COVID-19.

She says testing has increased — from 27 a day in March to nearly 500 a day in October and now, Guam’s per capita testing rate, according to  John Hopkins University, is greater than the state of Hawaii.

To date, over 55,000 tests have already been conducted, which is roughly one-third of the island population.

To boost testing and reporting capabilities, the government also partnered with private clinics and diagnostic labs to deliver results faster.

With more contact tracing required, the government partnered with UOG and the University of California at  San Francisco to train nearly 100 more contact tracers and despite a worldwide shortage of medical personnel and nurses, Guam’s COVID-19 bed capacity is at 122.

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“The steps taken have increased bed capacity, increased testing, expanded contact tracing exponentially, and touched the most vulnerable where they live. Every resource that we have is working to contain COVID-19…to slow and stop down its deadly spread,” Leon Guerrero said.

According to the Governor, current data reveals that multi-generational homes, especially in the north, are most vulnerable to infection.