Governor plans one-on-one meeting with San Nicolas

The congressman and the governor have been at odds with each other on a variety of issues, the latest of which was the governor's decision to send her own lobbying delegations to Washington D.C.

They have often been at odds with each other and have said hurtful words to each other, but Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Congressman Michael San Nicolas may soon have an opportunity to thresh out their differences and come to a working arrangement.

The governor told Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57 that San Nicolas is coming to Guam next week and she plans to have a one-on-one meeting with him.

The congressman has been critical of the governor for sending her own lobbying delegations to Washington D.C.

But the governor said she’ll use every option and avenue to make Guam’s case in a variety of issues, whether they be war claims, H2 workers, EITC, or Medicaid.

“It would be totally irresponsible for me as a governor not to do that. I will fight in every manner and way to get what we need from the federal government,” the governor said.

She added: “People say stay in my lane, but I won’t stay in my lane.”

With regard to San Nicolas, the governor said that whenever there is an Adelup delegation to Washington, they make sure that the congressman is informed and invite him to events.

“He’ll be here next week and I hope we can meet because we need to keep an eye on the goal,” the governor said.