Governor prefers Eagles Field as site of new hospital

The old and dilapidated Guam Memorial Hospital will be replaced by a new hospital. (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said she prefers Eagles Field as the site for the island’s new hospital.

In a talk with reporters during the departure of the China Airlines medical mission to Taiwan, the governor said Eagles Field has the best traffic flow among the sites being considered for the new hospital.

She added that Eagles Field has a more central location with better access that would benefit both patients and hospital staff.

“And when I look at Eagles Field, it’s an open area and it’s right there on a major traffic thoroughfare and we don’t have to do anything with infrastructure because they’re all there,” Leon Guerrero said.

According to the governor, she already spoke to the military about this and the military agrees that Eagles Field is a very appropriate site for a hospital.

“We hope to have that parcel of land by the end of this first quarter,” Leon Guerrero said.