Governor proclaims Police Week and Peace Officers Memorial Day

Democrat Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero proclaimed Police Week and National Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 12 at Adelup. Photo from Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's Facebook page

The island’s maga’haga kicked off Police Week with a proclamation signing on May 12 at Adelup. 

Democrat Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero held a proclamation ceremony, kicking off Police Week.

“What really gives me a lot of humility is knowing that when your wife or your husband in the morning kisses you goodbye that they worry that you may not return that day and to me the come out with that kind of worry and still be committed to step up to the plate and protect our people,” said Leon Guerrero. “To me, the epitome of humane and epitome of the value of great love for our people. You’re out there in every aspect of our peoples lives. You’re educating our people, you’re giving them the guidance on how to prevent crimes, you’re giving the guidance on how to consult each other and how to be calm in situations. To me that is a great admiration to me and a great testament of your commitment and persistence in helping our people.”

According to Guam Police Department Spokesperson Officer Berlyn Savella, this week is special as GPD will recognize it on May 15, which is National Police Officers Memorial Day. A Peace Officers Memorial Ceremony is scheduled for 4 p.m. Monday, May 15, in Hagatna, to honor the men and women in blue who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

A Service Awards Ceremony is set for May 17. 

Meanwhile, with the various educational efforts conducted by the GPD, Leon Guerrero said it provides strength and confidence in our community to help prevent crimes.  

She adds that with the drug situation, the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio administration is promising to provide GPD officers the necessary resources, tools, training, financing, and means to perform its job to the best of their abilities.

Furthermore, in the efforts to keep the community safe, GFD’s 911 Communications Center launched earlier this week to provide around-the-clock, uninterrupted access to emergency services through Public Safety Answering Point By telephone and/or various communications systems staffed.