Governor Proclaims Real Estate Agent Week, School Counselor Week and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam Month


Guam – Leaders of Guam’s Real Estate sector as well as student counselor’s and big brothers and sisters were recognized at Adelup this afternoon [Monday].

Three proclamations were signed declaring:

* Real Estate Agent Week (February 6 through 12, 2011)

* School Counselor Week (February 6 through 12, 2011)

* Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam Month (February 2011)

Stakeholders from each proclamation were on-hand to witness the signings. Excerpts from each proclamation follow.

Real Estate Agent Week

“Being in this industry is not about buying and selling property—it’s about providing the opportunity for a better life. When someone buys a plot of land, they acquire the foundation of their future. When a house is sold, the stage for lifelong memories is given.

“Real Estate Agent Week also serves to thank the individual agents, businesses, and organizations for their commitment to help those most in need. This industry helps the Guam Homeless Coalition, American Cancer Society, and the Oasis Empowerment Center. What a beautiful illustration of what it means to be a good neighbor. Real estate agents set the bar high for professional organizations, both in the success of their endeavors and in establishing partnerships for prosperity.”

School Counselor Week

“School counselors may come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: their commitment to further the education, social, and personal growth of children. These men and women have answered the tremendous call to help our students reach their full potential. They also collaborate with community organizations and in their schools to personalize the journey for every single child.

“Counselors impact countless lives during their time in school. These mentors encourage children to explore their interests, hone their strengths, and expand their horizons. This results in an increase in self-awareness, and gives the right direction to the next generation of Guam’s leaders.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam Month

“Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam Month celebrates the professionally supported mentoring program, and the faithful volunteers who have helped “littles” for more than a decade. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam help at-risk youth beat the odds through the financial support of individual donors, corporations, governmental entities, and foundations.

“This organization is proof that everyday people, doing everyday things can and do make a difference in the lives of children. Just last year, 146 children on our island were mentored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam; in total, more than 700 “littles” have been paired with “bigs,” learned by example, and started their journeys to happy, healthy, and successful lives.”