Governor promises to work with mayors to bring Liberation Carnival


Guam – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has made it clear that his administration will assist the village mayors in ensuring that a Liberation Carnival takes place this year.

Calvo once again called out the Legislature, citing the “tumult” that the ban on gambling caused, as it reduced the funding that was necessary to operate the Carnival.

Calvo stated that, “To support our community’s annual celebration of our Liberation, my administration will assist, and I’ve tasked a team of my cabinet members to organize a carnival or fair with food, music, dancing…maybe a few surprises.”

Speaking on K57 this morning with Patti Arroyo, the governor expressed his enthusiasm for the Carnival saying, “You bring food together, and you bring people with music and dancing and of course some games and stuff. And again, our wonderful culture and history, hey, people of Guam, you get three or four people together by a beach, we can have a great party, absolutely.”

We will keep you up to date on the latest news surrounding the 74th Liberation Carnival