Governor’s Buildup Office Staffers Given Raises & Retro Pay With Federal Funds


Staffing pattern, GG1 forms and personnel action forms show that Guam Buildup office staff were given raises and retro pay with federal funds. Governor’s Spokeswoman Oyaol Ngiririkl says that the raises were aproved by the federal government. 

Guam – Documents from the Governor’s office show that Mark Calvo and four other staffers received raises and retro pay bonuses from federal funds.



 According to the Governor’s staffing patterns Mark Calvo, Cassandra Castro, Evonnie Hocog, Carol Perez and Dwain Sanchez were all given raises and retro pay for their raises in December of 2014. It has already been reported that other GovGuam staffers received retro pay that was deemed illegal by the the Attorney General but according to documents from the Governor’s office this batch of retro pay came from federal funds. According to Governor’s office Spokeswoman Oyoal Ngiririkl these federal funds were meant for the Guam Buildup office which is the office that Mark Calvo and these four employees worked under. She says all of this spending was approved by the federal government. The staffing pattern shows that these positions were 100 percent federally funded and they show the account number that they were paid from. The GG1 forms that show the retro pay also show that the retro pay came from the same federal account as their regular salaries.




  1. First let me state that I am a loyal Republican. I have supported Governor Eddie Calvo since he decided to run in 2010 and was ecstatic when he and Ray won the that election. I once again voted for Eddie & Ray in 2014 in which they beat the opposition in every village. This issue of granting bonuses has raised my concern because it was something I would never have suspected from this administration. Senator B.J. Cruz ((whom I’ve never voted for) was able to bring these bonuses to light and I commend him for that. We the people have a right to know how our tax money is being spent. Please hear me out Governor Calvo. As a supporter of yours for years, I feel let down. You need to have your employees pay back these bonuses even if it takes a year to do so. Your idea of returning this money (which the A.G. disagrees with) into GovGuam’s coffers is an insult to every hardworking individual on this island. What you ultimately decide to do will not only determine what the history books say about your tenure as governor but also your lt. governor’s plans on running for the island’s top post in 2018. I have faith that you will do the right thing.

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