Governor’s Office Accuses Legislature of Having “Hidden Staffers”


Adelup sends a second FOIA request seeking information on vacation hours hidden staffers and special execmptions from the retirement fund.

Guam – Adelup has sent out a second FOIA request to the legislature this one regarding vacation hours hidden staffers and special exemptions from the retirement fund.


 According to a release sent out by the Governor’s planning Advisor Troy Torres they have been “Discovering more issues hidden within the world of secretive legislative finances that deserve to be brought out into the light. The Governor’s office is accusing the legislature of allowing things like timing off without timing out. One of the questions in the FOIA request asks whether it is true that legislative staffers commonly do not use vacation hours even when they take time off and instead accrue those hours in order to cash out their leave every two years. The second allegation is that there are hidden staffers or that the legislative staffing pattern is understated. The Governor’s office is also asking if there are workers who act as employees but are paid via contracts for services that do not appear on the staffing pattern. They are also asking how many there are. The third allegation is that there is a special exemption from the retirement fund for a class of legislative staffer that does not contribute to the retirement fund.


 According to Torres release he is seeking specific documents from the legislature’s Executive Director Vince Arriola to answer these questions and “public documents needed to verify any and all of Arriola’s answers.” Torres is asking for all requests (or forms) filed by senators, employees, and former employees for the use of annual leave hours from the start of the 33rd Guam legislature, all contracts for services executed in the Guam legislature during this term and a tally and names of employees who do not contribute to the Government of Guam retirement fund.