Governor’s Office Says Legislature Illegally Spent Over $330K


According to Adelup the legislature used money for payroll that is not allowed to be spent on operations.

Guam – The Governor’s office is claiming that the legislature illegally spent $330 thousand dollars.


 According to a release from Adelup, documents provided by the legislature show that the legislature spent the money from the capitol district fund on payroll which is an operational expense. The Governor’s office cites Guam law specifically 21 GCA chapter 79 subsection 79602 which states: “The capitol district fund shall be under exclusive purview and control of I liheslatura and shall be dedicated and used solely for the repair, restoration, renovation, or refurbishment of the Guam Congress building or other capitol district properties….and shall not be used for operations.” In light of this the Governor’s office is calling for a forensic audit of the legislature’s capital district fund.