Governor’s Office Plans Public Event to Unveil FOIA Response


In the latest move by Adelup regarding legislative finances, the governor’s office says they will publicly unveil each FOIA request response they receive from the legislature. 

Guam – In a press release, the governors planning advisor Troy Torres says the responses to the FOIA requests they submitted to the legislature will be available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.


Not only will the FOIA requests be available, Torres plans to publicly open the documents at 5 p.m. in the governor’s conference room on each day the documents are due. On Tuesday, documents related to senatorial pay raises and retro payments will be unveiled. Then on Wednesday documents related to legislative council Therese Terlaje’s contract and finally, Torres says on Thursday all documents related to legislative finances will be released.



  1. As a loyal Republican, I just want to say the following things. First, even if there are improprieties that are discovered regarding legislative finances, it still doesn’t change the fact that Executive branch unclassified employees were given ILLEGAL RAISES. Notice the caps? We can have the Legislative and Executive branches of government slinging mud at each other up until the 2016 election and it won’t change my mind on who I will and will not support. The behavior I’m seeing among these 2 branches of government is simply petty and juvenile. We the taxpayers deserve better.

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