Governor Says He’s Concerned With Hospital CEO’s Leadership


Governor Eddie Calvo’s office has received reports that the GMH CEO is making important financial decisions without the CFO’s input.

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo is expressing concern over GMH CEO Ted Lewis’ performance.


Governor’s Communications Director Oyaol Ngirairikl says the governor is dissatisfied with Lewis’ leadership, particularly Lewis’ relationship with the hospital’s CFO, Benita Manglona.

Lewis was just hired by the GMH Board of Trustees this summer.

Since Calvo became governor, the hospital has had five CEOs. First was Peter John Camacho who was then replaced by Rey Vega within a month of the governor taking office. Then there’s Joseph Verga, who stepped down in March this year, citing personal reasons; Dr. Larry Lizama, who was serving in an interim capacity; and now Ted Lewis.

Manglona was appointed by Governor Calvo to take over the CFO position in February this year.


“We have an administrator and a CFO who were supposed to be working together but we’re finding out that not only was the administrator not looping in the CFO to some very pertinent discussions regarding the finances of the hospital but also not taking her advice. And, again, when you have an administrator who is not pulling his CFO into the fold and in fact making decisions without her and not taking her advice, then you have a serious issue,” says Ngirairikl.

We asked Ngirairikl about reports that Lewis had reached out to the governor’s office for financial assistance.

“Therein is one of the issues. When you have an [hospital] administration that’s continuously and consistently leaning on the fiscal team for money and that’s exactly what’s been going on, is month after month, almost every other week, the fiscal team has had to bail GMH out,” Ngirairikl responded.

In response, Lewis told PNC, “I’m always available to meet with them and address any concern they might have. The hospital is here to help the patients. I’m the CEO. Benita is the CFO. We’re trying to have an effective program. We have a lot of good people.  I think the administration has been supportive of the hospital. They see things maybe that I don’t. I think we’re all–we all want the same thing.”





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