Governor Seeks New GPD Chief After Ishizaki Says He Won’t Go Through Confirmation Process


Guam – The search is on for a new police chief  to serve out the waning days of the Camacho Administration.

In an email response to PNC News, Acting Guam Police Chief Frank Ishizaki confirmed that he has notified Governor Felix Camacho that he will not be going through the confirmation process and his effective last day as Chief will be next week Wednesday September 22ed.

The Governor will have to appoint a replacement by September 22ed because that is when the 90-days on Ishizaki’s temporary appointment runs out.

The governor acknowledged that yet another change at the top of the troubled department will be disruptive. But he said he understands Ishizaki’s position.

The Governor said that Ishizaki told him:  ” ‘Gov, I have got nothing left in the tank. There is nothing left in my gas tank. I am worn out.'”

The Governor expressed sympathy for Ishizaki’s position saying:  “To have to go through a legislative process of confirmation for 3 months remaining in this term. It just isn’t right,” said the Governor. “I can’t blame him. I support him in his decision not to proceed. Its basically thanks but no thanks.”

Ishizaki has been doing 2 full time jobs, serving as Acting Guam Police Chief as well as Homeland Security Advisory. He is not being paid any additional salary for serving as acting Chief. He was required to take a polygraph which would have required him to fly to Hawaii because GPD’s staff polygrapher is not authorized to administer a polygraph to a candidate for Chief. Ishizaki told PNC News last Friday that he felt it was not appropriate to use scarce GPD funds to fly himself to Honolulu.

The Governor has not made a final decision on who would replace Ishizaki. But he did mention GPD Major Rick Leon Guerrero who was the immediate replacement for former Chief Paul Suba when Suba was forced to step down in May, before Ishizaki was eventually tapped for the post.

Governor Camacho said that Suba is not under consideration as a replacement for Ishizaki when Ishizaki steps aside next week.