Governor signs bill 24 into law – effective tomorrow

(PNC file photo)

“We’re going to sign this bill. We are going to effectuate the separability portion of this bill, and we are going to pay all unclassified and all classified,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

Bill 24, or more commonly known as the General Pay Plan bill, was signed into law today.

The GPP bill, introduced by Governor Lou Leon Guerrero through Senator Joe San Agustin, appropriates funds for GovGuam pay increase.

Following back and forth comments within the legislature, the bill was passed despite Republican Senators arguing against it.

After it passed in the legislature, the amendments made by Senator Chris Barnett received criticism from public figures and agencies.

One amendment, prevents the University of Guam from raising their tuition should they accept the funds allotted to them through this bill.

UOG has gone on record voicing their distaste against that amendment. Adding that one reason that they’re against it is due to the amendment going against their accreditation standards.

Another amendment, which has been named the “Barnett Amendment,” only allowed for classified employees, with a few exceptions such as the Mayors and their staff, to receive the 22% increase.

The Governor said, “I called him up, and I asked him, ‘what was the thinking’ behind the amendment. To tell you the truth I didn’t hear any logic.”

According to Governor Leon Guerrero, they are going to do the General Pay Plan adjustment every 3 years moving forward.

The 22% pay increase will go into effect tomorrow.