Governor Signs Bill 446; UOG To Expand Student Center & Construct Engineering Annex


Guam- The University of Guam (UOG) will soon be expanding its Student Services Center and constructing a brand new building for its engineering program.

The UOG Student Center Rotunda was packed Friday morning as Governor Felix Camacho signed Bill 446 into public law, which authorizes a funding stream to expand and renovate the 40 year old student center and construct a School of Engineering Annex. President Dr. Robert Underwood says the measure enables the university to turn this historic structure into a vibrant center of life on campus.

“It will not be just an opportunity to collect our services in one location, it’s going to reframe the campus” said Underwood. “From here, you’re going to get a panoramic view of the campus all the way to the ocean. It’s a real game changer in our spacing and our orientation.”

Underwood says they plan on incorporating green technology into both facilities. UOG is looking at a 40-year low interest loan from USDA to fund the construction projects, which total $22 million dollars.

Bill 446 also authorizes funding for the Guam Community College (GCC)  to construct and renovate some of its buildings, including a crime lab extension.