Governor Signs Bill #543, 10% Pay Cut Revoked


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo signed Bill #543 into law Friday afternoon, it is now Public Law 31-285.

Among other things, the measure revokes the 10% pay cut for all un-classified employees mandated by Bill #507, which the Governor had earlier let lapse into law. 

Senators Duenas and Tony Ada wrote a letter on behalf of the GOP Caucus to the Governor urging him to sign Bill #543 into law.

READ the letter from the GOP Caucus HERE

Lawmakers passed Bill #543 during the last Session of the 31st Guam Legislature which was held on Friday January 4th.

But four days later, on Tuesday January 8th, the 10% pay cut required by the lapsed Bill #507 took effect because the Governor had not yet signed Bill #543 into law.

The Governor’s Office, at that time, said that legal staff needed more time to review it.

Then on Friday January 18th, the Governor finally signed off on Bill #543. But the question of whether those un-classified employees making over $50-thousand should have 10% of their pay cut over the previous 9 days is still an open question.

Governor’s Spokesman Troy Torres says that DOA Director Benita Manglona would seek an opinion from legal counsel.

In the meantime however, Torres said that all paychecks that went out Friday [a GovGuam payday] were normal. The 10% was not taken out for those un-classified employees making more than $50-K, and won’t be, unless the AG rules that 10% should be deducted for the 9-days that Bill #507 was law.

And going forward, now that Bill #543 has become Public Law 31-285, the 10% pay cut has been repealed.